Do you know which sector growing more in the last few decades? It is of course, the IT sector. Day by this sector is growing up bigger and bigger. It has been remarkably performed to change the life of everyone by improving every aspect of life requirement.

Due to the popularity of smartphones, the mobile phone application sector has emerged. Today we found millions of mobile applications are loaded in various app stores.

Every apps and apps developer wants to attract the attention of maximum users in sense of increasing their profitability. Mobile app development companies offer all kinds of required essential qualities in the app which make the application user-friendly and more interactive.

The most important thing is that the technology stack is being used to be developed the application. So here is about some latest technology stack to be used by a mobile development company in Bangladesh.

Flutter the Google product:

Either it is an iOS platform or Android, mobile app development is very much easy when you use flutter. This is totally open-source mobile app development.

Swift is the popular platform for iOS:

It is basically a new platform but it has picked up very wisely. The specialty of this platform is the use of a safe programming pattern. Its functions consist of modern features that make it more comfortable and flexible to users. It is an industrial quality system that is enjoyable and expensive too.

For a mobile apps which development technology will be used is totally depends on the client. The mobile app developer will discuss with the clients and finalize the technology which will be used for app development by the development team.


One of the key points of Node.js is easy scalability; designers & developers think that it’s very simple and easy to scale the applications is in flat just as the vertical headings. It is very easy to learn for a developer and devours less time to work on it. It has been viewed that as a full stack Java script to serve both customer and server-side applications. It offers the developer the freedom to build up the applications and programming. You can start to develop your mobile app with us from scratch.

React Native:

The most unbelievable feature of react native is that it has codes that can be reused for android and iOS, also it has an open-source library with tons of pre-built components that speed up the process of making an app. It has a very simple UI (user interface) compared to Angular JS.

So here Taj Tech Limited offers to design and develop your mobile app by using above mention technology stack for your business. If you have any query please visit and get the desired service.