Nowadays the Metaverse becomes a very important topic in the present world. The tech giant Facebook has changed their brand name to Meta because they have a future master plan for developing Metaverse. With the help of Metaverse, ecosystem imagination will become in reality. It is almost impossible to assume about the Metaverse, the other it would be like a just as real-world, operating without cryptocurrency.

Here we want to try explaining the matter of Meta Verse technology.  CEO of Facebook Mr. Mark Zuckerberg has been changed their Facebook platform to Meta Platform Incorporated which short form is Meta. The word Meta Verse was used in 1992 in Neal Stephenson books “Snow Crash” who was a Scientist and a Story writer of Fiction.  After a long time pass away after the revolutions of internet technology the scientist and technologists are being busy thinking about the Meta Verse. Now the question is what is Meta Verse?

Meta Verse is such a subject that can re-breath on the internet. By using this technology you can enter a new world of 3D.  That means not only to watch your smart phone now you can directly enter to your phone.  This is a virtual world where anyone can meet with each other and can perform any task together. For that, we have to need a Virtual reality headset or augmented 3D glass. With the help of such an app, you can change your surroundings with a click.

It is true that no one can define Meta Verse because it is not high time to define the matter, the main reason for that is present it is now in a primary stage of implementation. Meta verse is the latest technology to use the internet in the future. Mark Zuckerberg says that “Metaverse is the Next step to use the internet”.  By Meta Verse the big changes come for the Online Shopping and Social Media Community. Not only that wearing a Glass in your eyes and Putting a Headphone in your ear, will you take a tour to the other world. In this virtual world, you can perform anything that you want.  From the presentation of Mark Zuckerberg, we can get an idea about the Metaverse as Presence, Avatar, Home Space, teleporting, Interoperability, Privacy, and Safety, Virtual Goods, Natural interfaces.  In general, we can say that Metaverse has its own world by itself where everyone has its own character, avatar. In the Meta Verse world, anyone can interchange his present appearance here to there. They can also perform any task together. Besides this, every kind of product like the present world will exist in the Meta World.  Mark Zuckerberg says Meta Verse will be the core internet feature in the next 5 to 10 years. Facebook has already started a new Social media platform which name is “Horizon” where you can interact in real life.

In this platform not only do you tag a photo or video calling system to exist they are developing such a platform that you can recognize yourself as interacting physically. Horizon Home will be the first stage of this platform which will be your virtual home where you can invite your friends and family. Horizon World is the bigger part of this platform, anyone can meet with each other and celebrate any occasion with themselves and be able to make new ideas or any things. Horizon Workroom will be only for performing work as like workstation, which will be a future office for the employee. You can also visit your past by using the Metaverse Platform.

Calling in Messenger will be changed as you can call Virtual reality, in this type of conversation you feel that you talking with your partner in front. To run in the Meta Verse World need more high-quality technology and devices. For that Facebook has Started a project Named “Cambria” which actually try to develop such a device that can copy the expression and

Keeps eye contact with a partner at the time of conversation will go on?

No one can imagine at the time of the invention of the internet by using the internet we can develop our technology too faster than you expect. In the future, we will never think of a single day without Meta Verse because Meta Verse will be the internet-based life cycle. Presently we are using smartphones or Laptops to use the internet but in the future, the way of using the internet will be Virtual reality eyeglasses. In the world of Meta Verse no need to keep an eye on any devices you assume that you are visiting a new planet inside the earth where every single incident will be incurred in front of your eye. Not only Facebook but also so many technologies giant like Microsoft and Nvidia have started to develop their own Meta Verse World. In the present, as we visit one website to another website in the future we can able to visit one Meta Verse world to another Meta Verse World. However, the most important field of Meta Verse involvement is the Video Gaming industry. Epic Games and Roblox already invested a billion dollars to create their own 3D world.

Taj Tech Ltd. is getting ready to contribute to the Metaverse world by creating a virtual store for the product or service instead of a physical store. We will contribute to building a virtual store or showcase with the help of virtual reality and augmented reality devices. By which we can make the world “more open and connected”. We would help to develop a video game that involves players around the world interacting in virtual environments and even permit to buy digital items with real money. In the other words that we want to contribute to creating such a platform that will help the younger generation will be much more willing to attach the real meaning of virtual experience and the objects.